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    1st Buddhist Vegetarian Restaurant in New York

    Address: 5101 8th Ave (BSMT/Temple), Brooklyn, NY 11220
    Tel: 718-871-0399

    Being a vegetarian and doing good things. You will be blessed above and beyond.
    Birthdays, Weddings, Celebrations and Other Festivities are welcome Including Reserve whole Table.
    Place a qualifying order of $20 or more, we delivery to your place.

    DiscoverOur Mission

    Have a health and happy life; the world is better with love!
    Our mission is to provide satisfactory dining, delicious food, friendly service, and most importantly serving healthy dishes. All dishes served at Lucky Vegetarian are 100 % vegetarian cooked by our highly experienced chef with many years of culinary service. We welcome you to come dine with us and experience the fine taste of our large selection of dishes made to satisfy your taste buds. Go Green!



    Welcome to the “Lucky Vegetarian”, a place of green life.
    Nutrient-rich vegetables , unique flavor , eat up the entrance fluid, is conducive to human health. The main ingredients in vegetarian beans, natural vegetables, leafy greens , fruits, mushrooms , fungi, vegetable oil as raw material, the best vegetarian cooking up delicious, nutritious and easy to digest. From the nutritional point of view, vegetables and soy products, mushrooms and vegetables rich in vitamins , protein , water, and small amounts of fat and sugar , such light and nutritious vegetarian , all ages , especially vegetarian vegetables often contain large amounts of cellulose , but also promptly remove greasy dirt intestine , maintain good health.

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